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Low Carb Recipes for a Ketogenic Diet

Low Carb Recipes for a Ketogenic Diet

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Low Carb Recipes for a Ketogenic Diet

Low Carb Recipes for a Ketogenic Diet

Eating healthy is easier said than done. When you start a new diet, you are bound to face difficulties. If you are a foodie, it might seem even harder. After all, you are used to caving into your inner child’s need for delicious food.

However, there are a lot of different types of diets out there, so you are bound to find one that allows you to have delicious food while providing the benefits you want. One such diet is a low carb diet, which is also sometimes known as a ketogenic diet.

Keto diet is gaining a lot of popularity these days with a significant number of people opting for it. However, keto recipes are starkly different from any other low carbohydrate diet.

The best thing about a keto diet is how straightforward it is to follow – at least when it comes to technicalities. You get clear guidelines for what you can and cannot eat. Basically, the diet you adopt is low in carb and very high in fat. Do you know what that means? Well, let’s just say you must bid goodbye to pasta and bread.

The question arises, is a keto diet effective at all? If so, how?

Your body is used to breaking down carbs for energy. When you adopt a low carbohydrate diet, your body starts breaking down fat for energy instead. Hence, you will be able to burn excess fat. This mechanism is what makes this diet very effective.

Additionally, it reduces your chances of getting type 2 diabetes since you limit your intake of sugars and grains. The major part of a keto diet is letting go of grains and instead eating things like nuts, fish and olive oil. This, in turn, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well.

For those of you who adopt a keto diet, the biggest question is, what recipes can you follow? You can easily find low carb keto recipes online. Just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the taste of the food as there are a lot of ketogenic diet recipes that taste great. Here are some of the best low carb keto recipes.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

You read it correctly. There is a way to enjoy desserts while on a low carb diet! However, this dessert will be very unconventional. Reading the name of the recipe might have led you to believe that it is a baked recipe. However, it will not just be low carb but also not be baked either.

You can check the exact quantities of the various ingredients on the website of the recipe. In general, it uses the following ingredients:

  • Butter
  • Peanut butter
  • Eggs
  • Almond flour
  • Baking powder
  • Salt
  • All-purpose sweetener
  • Vanilla extract
  • Chopped salted peanuts
  • Cacao nibs

Make use of a microwave-safe bowl for this recipe. First, begin by melting the butter in the bowl. Make sure it is melted completely before you add the all-purpose sweetener in it and stir it well. Follow it by adding peanut butter. Try to opt for natural peanut butter so that you can avoid other additives that might have a high carb content. If you feel that the peanut butter is too solid, don’t add it directly to the mixture. Instead, put it in another bowl, add small quantities of water and whisk it until it goes soft. Once it does, add it to the mixture.

After the items have been stirred and mixed, it is time to add eggs, vanilla extract, baking powder, almost flour, salt, and peanuts and mix it all well. Then, get a baking dish which is microwave-safe. Grease it properly, pour the batter into it and proceed by microwaving it for 8 minutes. Keep checking to see if the top part of the batter is almost dry. Don’t let it dry completely.

After it is done, remove it from the microwave and place another bowl into the microwave which has cacao nibs. Heat it until they melt completely. After they have melted, mix them and place the mixture on the cooked peanut butter bar. Add crushed peanuts as a garnish.

Let it cool down before you cut the batter into bar shapes. Then put it in the fridge and let it freeze for 2-3 hours. After this, it is ready to be eaten.

This recipe not only classifies as a low carbohydrate diet but also offers limited calories and is well-aligned with your goal of losing weight.

Beef Tenderloin Stuffed with Lobster

Do you wish to enjoy a delicious dinner? Even though the idea of a keto diet may seem bland to your taste buds, there are ways to ensure the quality of taste while maintaining the integrity of the low carb diet.

Among the various low carb keto recipes, this one is lauded for being satiating as well as delicious. Here is how you can make a beef tenderloin stuffed with lobster that is low in carbs.

For the recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Beef tenderloin
  • Bacon
  • Lobster tails
  • Butter
  • Lemon juice
  • Sliced green onions
  • White wine dried
  • Garlic salt

Some of you might find this recipe to be a tad harder and longer to follow as compared to the peanut butter bar discussed above. However, if you follow the original recipe to the tee, rest assured that you will be satisfied with the final output.

To make this recipe, begin by preheating the oven. As per the original recipe, the oven must be preheated at 425 degrees.

Meanwhile, cut the beef tenderloin vertically. Fill a pot with water and boil it. Once it reaches the boiling point, put the frozen lobster tails into the water. Then, put a lid on it to ensure that the heat stays trapped within the container. Let the lobsters simmer in the pot for at least 5 minutes. After this, take them out and remove the outer shell of the lobsters. The boiling process would have ensured that the shells come off easily. Cut these lobsters in half and then put them inside the beef you cut at the start.

Melt butter either via the stove or the microwave. Use a separate bowl, add the melted butter and lemon juice in it and mix them well. Once they have been combined, drizzle the mixture on the lobster as well as the meat.

To ensure that the lobster and meat don’t get separated, use a string to tie them together. Place the meat on a roasting pan and roast it all for about 30 minutes. Toward the end, place bacon on top of the roast and keep roasting it for 5 minutes.

To make a sauce for the roast, put a pan on the stove and add onion and butter in it, but sauté the onion beforehand. Add salt and dried wine to the mixture of onion and butter. Cook this well and then pour it on the meat. You can also choose to place it separately in a small sauce bowl.

The best thing about ketogenic diet recipes like these is that they have a lot of fat content. Hence, you are not just depriving your body of carbs but also providing sufficient amount of a substitute.

Espresso Coffee Panna Cotta

Just because you are following a low carb diet doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a quick pick-me-up at times. We know what you are thinking. How can anything which is devoid of carbs be a comfort food? The good news is that there are various alternates to carbs that can do the trick. Some of them are included in this tasty Espresso Coffee Panna Cotta recipe.

For those of you who are short on time and want something that is quick to make, you will find the 2-minute cooking time and the total time of 12 minutes to be perfect.

Here are the ingredients required for this low carbohydrate diet recipe.

  • Cold water
  • Unflavored gelatin
  • Cream (heavy)
  • Instant coffee
  • Salt
  • Vanilla syrup (for the sweet touch)
  • Organic sweetener (to give you the sweetness without any carbs)
  • Cacao nibs

When you think of panna cotta, you might think that it will be baked. However, this is not the case with this recipe. Gelatin only functions as an element used for setting the panna cotta. The cooking process is very simple.

The first thing you need to do is pour some cold and chilled water into a bowl and add unflavored gelatin to it. Let it sit for about 5 minutes. Meanwhile, find yourself a microwave-safe bowl. In this bowl, add heavy cream, put it in the microwave and heat it until the cream softens. Then, add instant coffee and salt to it and whisk it thoroughly. Make sure to do so while the cream is still hot or else the instant coffee won’t dissolve properly.

After you have made sure that all of the instant coffee has dissolved into the heavy cream, add cacao nibs into the mixture as well and whisk it. Do so until the cacao nibs melt into the mixture. Then, add in some vanilla syrup and rather than whisking it in again, stir it. You might know about the stir and fold technique. It is best used here.

Add some of the set unflavored gelatin to a microwave-safe bowl and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds to one minute. After it has been microwaved, add the gelatin to the mixture as well and mix it all together. Finally, put some sweetener into the mix and place it in the fridge for 3 hours. Your panna cotta is done!

You can learn about the exact quantities of the ingredients by reading the original recipe.

Zucchini and Meatballs Spaghetti

Did you think you had to forget about spaghetti forever? Lucky for you, there are ketogenic diet recipes that are able to deliver spaghetti while following the low carb diet rule. One of the many low carb keto recipes is Zucchini and Meatballs Spaghetti recipe.

It is perfect for your dinner. It takes a little over 40 minutes for the dish to be prepared if you don’t get stuck in any of the steps.

Begin by preparing the meatballs. For this, you will need ground beef, onion which has been minced, salt and pepper. Begin by preheating your oven at 350 degrees. Meanwhile, add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well to ensure consistency. Then, roll them into meatballs and bake them for 30 minutes. Your meatballs will be ready.

To prepare the zucchini, you will require zucchini, butter, garlic cloves, parmesan cheese, sea salt, black pepper and vegetable spiralizer. The cooking process involves heating a pan on medium to high heat. Use the vegetable spiralizer to cut the zucchini into noodle-like shapes. (Yes, this is your spaghetti. This is the closest you can get to one in a keto diet).

Once the pan is properly heated, add butter to it and let it melt. After it has melted, add some minced garlic. Add the zucchini noodles into the pan and cook for 5 minutes. You just need to make them tender enough. Don’t overdo it. Remove the pan from the stove and add cheese, salt, and pepper on top and place the meatballs you made on top of it. Voila! Your dinner is ready.


These four recipes are just a few of the many low carb keto diet recipes available. We chose these specifically to show you that even when you are on a keto diet, your taste buds can have their fun. Don’t think of a keto diet as something you are only doing for the sake of it. Adopt it as a lifestyle and enjoy it as much as you can. As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to deprive yourself of delicious food.

If you don’t prefer these recipes, there are various others you can find. At the end of the day, what matters is that you are eating well and healthy. Select the keto diet recipes as per your choice and eat healthy and delicious.

Are you on a low carbohydrate diet and looking for ketogenic diet recipes? Then try our Low Carb Keto Recipes Low Carbs Meal provides you with everyday Low Carb Meals and recipes.

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